Anthem Marketing Solutions helps clients increase the long-term value of their customers, period. We deploy an array of structured analytic tools and methodologies to develop insight-driven strategies from all available data sources. Big Data? We were dealing with multiple streams and large volumes of data long before anyone thought to put that label on it – and we understand it’s not about handling the scale, but distilling the right insights no matter what the volume or the source, and taking that to action. Anthem’s team combines a heritage in traditional direct marketing with cutting-edge media savvy, allowing our solutions to apply equally and effectively across both analog and digital channels including mobile, social, and other emerging media platforms.

Did You Know...

eCRM optimization for a really BIG DATAbase?

We partnered with a major QSR to to create a unified consumer database capturing 3+ years of promo history across multiple channels, and used it to streamline campaign planning and audience selection strategies leading to big increases in LTV...


Cheers to a decade of growth and innovations. This is only the beginning!

Anthem Marketing Solutions is excited to announce a significant milestone in our company’s growth, we’re 10! It’s been a rewarding and successful journey and we’re eager to see what the next 10 years bring us.


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