Anthem Marketing Solutions helps clients increase the long-term value of their customers, period. We deploy an array of structured analytic tools and methodologies to develop insight-driven strategies from all available data sources. Big Data? We were dealing with multiple streams and large volumes of data long before anyone thought to put that label on it – and we understand it’s not about handling the scale, but distilling the right insights no matter what the volume or the source, and taking that to action. Anthem’s team combines a heritage in traditional direct marketing with cutting-edge media savvy, allowing our solutions to apply equally and effectively across both analog and digital channels including mobile, social, and other emerging media platforms.

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The Results are in and they're fantastic!

We just finished helping one of our clients make a foray into targeted marketing on Facebook, using a segment-focused custom audience campaign to drive retail store traffic. We proved we can increase repeat purchase rate at a very low cost per contact - CPM < $1.00. Time to expand this program!


The seventh installment of our semi-annual pricing study is now available!

The 7th installment of our semi-annual pricing analysis "Deal Seeking: Online vs. In-store" has just been released. The new results suggest that the online channel is gaining a price advantage at all price tiers and has forced brick-and-mortar retailers to move to price parity in many categories.


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