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More Solutions

Anthem’s additional marketing tools provide key information for refining and enhancing your marketing strategies.

Understand Your Customers

Who are your best customers? What is your relationship with them? How can you improve their perceptions of your brand? By helping you understand and target your best consumers, these supporting tools allow you to improve your marketing efforts — and ultimately grow your business.


  • InnerCircles™
    Customer segmentation helps you develop smart marketing strategies and targeted messaging to your best customers and prospects

  • Sales Alpha™
    Increase the impact of B2B sales and marketing efforts by leveraging the data in your current CRM program

  • TouchPoint Audit™
    Analyzing marketing touch points between customers and your brand allows you to address problems in your brand’s perception

  • Relationship Intensity Profiler™
    Understand how your customers relate to your brand so you can align marketing communications with customer expectations

  • Digital Optimization
    Anthem’s Web Analytics solution provides insights that help you improve online metrics and make strategic channel decisions