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Anthem Marketing Solutions is a Clutch Choice for Managing Big Data!


Some agencies pride themselves on being able to do it all. This is often referred to as the one-stop-shop approach, which is convenient for clients. With this approach, though, while these agencies may be able to perform a range of services, changes are they won’t be experts at any. That’s how we set ourselves apart from the competition at Anthem Marketing Solutions. We call ourselves "Big Data practitioners" because we have years of expertise to assist your business.

Because we have a singular focus on big data, we can give our complete and undivided attention to this area of service; this allows us to truly be Big Data experts. The Anthem team combines a heritage in traditional direct marketing with cutting-edge savvy, allowing our solutions to apply equally and effectively across different channels including mobile, social, and other emerging media platforms. We’re constantly researching and staying up-to-date on trends and industry developments. When clients work with us, they know that they can count on us to take care of them.

When it came time to find a platform to showcase our services, Anthem Marketing Solutions knew that Clutch was our answer. Clutch is a research firm based in Washington, D.C., that’s committed to identifying the leaders in a variety of industries, such as advertising and marketing, web and software development, mobile app development and IT consulting. Given Clutch's determination to find the best agencies and companies in digital industries, the Anthem team knew that Clutch was a great choice for us to be showcased.

Put simply, the Anthem Marketing Solutions Clutch profile is fantastic. It truly gives future clients a complete look at what Anthem Marketing Solutions does. Clutch provides an in-depth questionnaire, allowing us to go into detail about our services: what we do, who we provide our services to, and what types of companies we work with most often. From this information, Clutch creates our profile. Starting with an overall summary, viewers can then scroll and look at other information in easy to read pie charts and graphs.

One of the most helpful parts of having a profile with Clutch is the client reviews section. While this doesn't seem unique, Clutch's approach to collecting these reviews is. They actually reach out and contact our past clients, personally, asking them for honest, unbiased feedback about our Big Data services and expertise. This may be unnerving to some firms, as the thought of giving clients the unfiltered ability to share feedback is somewhat risky. But, at Anthem Marketing Solutions, we believe that the only way to truly know if our services are working (as well as knowing where we need to improve!) is to know exactly what our clients think.

So far, we're reassured that we're on the right track. With three, thorough reviews recorded, we have a 5.0/5.0 star rating! One satisfied client wrote: "It is probably the most successful vendor-partner relationship we've ever had in terms of our return on investment." Another valued client said: "You feel like you're their only client and that they're all-in when you need them."

In other words, Anthem Marketing Solutions is successfully meeting the needs of our clients. Although we're doing great, we're always pushing ourselves to learn more and stay innovative, all with the goal of improving our clients' day-to-day operations. If you haven't yet, check out the Anthem Marketing Solutions' Clutch profile, and tell us what you think! Then get in touch to see how we can apply our Big Data expertise to your marketing needs.