Can You “HearMusic?” - Point

We’re going to try something a little different this week - we’ve asked a couple of members of our team to each discuss a different side of a current topic, a point-counterpoint (without the...

Posted by jkeenan on 03/27

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Run For the Border(s) - Part 2

Well, to follow up on our comments about the “Borders loyalty program, Borders Rewards, we took a field trip to a local store and spent some time online so we could tie together what we had read...

Posted by jkeenan on 03/23

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A Cry for (Modeling) Help

Today’s Direct Magazine “Newsline” arrived in my Inbox and had a very interesting blurb with the following title: “Big E-mail Lists Work Better in Small Bites: Report.” What was...

Posted by jkeenan on 03/13

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