How many pounds of mail did you get?

Quick question: How many credit card offers do you get in year? Do you have a number? Ok, here's another question: How much do you think all those offers weigh? That number may be more...

Posted by Eric Giandelone on 01/30

As seen on TV, as seen in my house

This weekend is the SuperBowl and, as has become tradition, the following Monday's newspapers will feature the best and worst rated advertisements from the game. I'm going to make a prediction right...

Posted by Eric Giandelone on 01/28

A penny for your thoughts

I thought we are in a deflationary period? That may be true of a lot of segments right now, but one area that may experience a significant price increase in 2009 is postal rates. According to

Posted by Eric Giandelone on 01/23

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I think this was meant for you

Mailbag returns with a lesson in best practices. Last time we touched upon how easily it is for companies to personalize their direct mail marketing pieces, though not everybody is doing so. This...

Posted by Eric Giandelone on 01/21

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Details matter: Burger King and Facebook

If you were out of town for the past week, you might have missed a highly talked about marketing campaign. About one week after launching the "Whopper Sacrifice" application in Facebook, Burger King...

Posted by Eric Giandelone on 01/16

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We’re debuting a new feature on this blog. Welcome to the first edition of “Mailbag,” a new feature on this blog that we hope will become a regular feature. What is Mailbag?

Not coincidentally, it’s...

Posted by Eric Giandelone on 01/15

Next Top Model

JP Morgan recently published its annual “Nothing But Net” report and investment guide. And besides weighting and performing financial analysis on the various Internet stocks, the report also...

Posted by Eric Giandelone on 01/13

Put this on your 2009 list

Like you, my e-mail box has been overwhelmed with predictions and “resolutions” for 2009. The latter of these are always more interesting to me, because they reveal what people, in this case...

Posted by Eric Giandelone on 01/06

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