Facebook’s Instant Personalization Efforts Backfire

This past week, debates have been raging over Facebook privacy concerns. New changes to the social media site's privacy policy were implemented to allow select companies to view users' personal...

Posted by Hallie Borden on 04/28

Creativity vs. ROI

A recent article in DMNews brought me back to a blog we posted last month on creativity in advertising. Many marketers and advertisers feel the effects of a constant battle between the...

Posted by Hallie Borden on 04/16

Thoughts on Enhancing Loyalty Programs

We've had a lot of recent posts about loyalty/points programs and how they are proliferating.  One of the things that has struck is has been how little we’ve seen in the way of innovation, aside...

Posted by jkeenan on 04/14

Why Not a Regional Coalition?

Miraval Arizona Spa Launches Loyalty Program

The proliferation of loyalty programs run by narrow-appeal businesses continues apace.  The most important factor driving this is the decreasing costs of...

Posted by jkeenan on 04/13

Spring has Sprung for Consumer Spending

March's spending data is in, and the numbers look good. While the increase in spending and decrease in down-sizing seems like a much-needed boost for business, a recent article in AdAge begs the...

Posted by Hallie Borden on 04/12

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