A Sea of 7 Billion

The world's population hit 7 billion, today. This is exciting, terrifying, and mind-boggling all at once. In a sea of 7 billion, there is infinite data floating around. Often, data has a stigma

Posted by Hallie Borden on 10/31

Playing the Name Brand Game

Written by Ben Sigrist, Fall Intern

In a recent New Yorker article about the business of branding, founder and C.E.O of Lexicon, David Placek, discusses how good branding works like good poetry,...

Posted by Hallie Borden on 10/25

Trends in Technology

Buying books used to be a simple process. All you had to do was find your keys, lock up your dog, buckle your seat belt, and drive to your nearest Borders. However, now that Borders is gone the...

Posted by Matt Siedlecki on 10/06

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