Going Mobile with Loyalty Programs

One Loyalty App, Hundreds of Stores

Gone soon will be the day when consumers are carrying around a wallet stuffed with loyalty punch cards, as more companies embrace apps that provide a...

Posted by Sarah Slattery on 10/16

Mobile Potential Relies on Using Data


Following the rapid rise of Groupon it seems like everyone from Google to Amazon is now offering some version of deals. A few months ago I signed up for Visa Mobile Offers and had an interesting...

Posted by Matt Siedlecki on 10/09

Mobile University 2012 Review: Measuring Mobile Campaign Success

The Heartland Mobile Council's Mobile University 2012 Summit last week featured an incredible lineup of innovators from admirable companies like Anheuser-Bush, Walgreens, Kimberly-Clark, Deloitte,...

Posted by Chelsea Thomas on 10/01

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