Revisiting the Starbucks Loyalty Program

We’ve written about the Starbucks loyalty program previously on this blog and with the recent announcement about the evolution of their loyalty program it seemed appropriate to highlight a few of...

Posted by Matt Siedlecki on 03/28

Making Data Actionable

I came across a posting by the CEO of on LinkedIn. He shared a series of charts about payment method used by donors to his organization. The charts showed that on average AmEx...

Posted by Matt Siedlecki on 03/18

Do artists need marketing?

The other day I bumped into the Art Institute of Chicago and found myself enjoyed the current “Picasso and Chicago” exhibition. Easily recognizable is Picasso is a truly great artist (even...

Posted by Shaokang Wang on 03/12

Notes from Social Media Week


Day One

1. With social media we’re still talking about engaging with very small audiences for national brands. How much are you spending on online initiatives to get 8,000 additional people to...

Posted by jkeenan on 03/01

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