Is Online News Only a Passion Play?

Way back in the dark ages, some 6 or 7 years ago, our firm was advising the digital arm of a newspaper company on how to increase advertising revenue from its news sites. One of our recommendations:...

Posted by jkeenan on 01/28

Google’s Image Announcement

You probably saw the following Google blog entry or heard about it second-hand: Images Now Showing, by by John Rae-Grant.

This means that Google is now acting as an intermediary between your...

Posted by Heaju Pomerleau on 01/10

Jewel Welcomes Dominick’s Customers

On my way home from work yesterday I was welcomed to my apartment by a door hanger from Jewel Osco. I immediately recognized the brilliance of the localized marketing piece: the Dominick's grocery...

Posted by Sarah Slattery on 01/09

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