A “Blizzard” of New Loyalty Programs

Well, it seems to be in vogue for QSR’s to be getting involved in more complex loyalty programs than the frequency punch/stamp cards they have used for so long (see our earlier posting on this...

Posted by jkeenan on 07/11

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Hardee Har-Har

Saw a recent report from Advertising Age about CKE restaurants, parents of Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s. (They’re the ones that have been running the Paris Hilton TV ads recently that have been...

Posted by jkeenan on 07/05

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Can Supply Chain Standards Help Improve Marketing?

A long time ago, when I worked at a bank, we invited an outside speaker to an offsite meeting. The speaker was from a pioneering technology company, and the topic he chose was not really related to...

Posted by jkeenan on 06/20

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Red Lobster Part 3

In a couple of previous posts, we’ve commented on Red Lobster and the progress they’ve made in implementing their Overboard Club loyalty program - and some of the issues yet to be...

Posted by jkeenan on 06/13

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Hiding in Plain Sight

Hate to keep picking on the newspapers, I know they’re struggling with declining circulation and trying to make sense of how to best deal with the realities of the changing media environment, but...

Posted by jkeenan on 06/09

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You Can Touch This!

Over the past several years, there has been a lot of attention paid to the idea of using biometrics for identification, and especially the use of such things as fingerprint scans to enable payments....

Posted by jkeenan on 06/03

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Red Lobster Revisited

A few weeks back we commented on Red Lobster’s Overboard Club program, and noted that the metrics they were using to measure its success were rather limited. Coincidentally, while cleaning up my...

Posted by jkeenan on 06/01

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A Rose is a Rose…

…by any other name. But do you have to know that it is called a rose to enjoy it visually or by smell? No.


And yet, there is a hard-core belief among marketers that they have to know their end...

Posted by jkeenan on 05/14

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Major League Loyalty?

Word came last week that it is finally here! What is this long-awaited event? The debut of a loyalty club called the Players Choice Platinum Club was announced by the MLB Players Association. There...

Posted by jkeenan on 04/24

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It is often too easy to be critical, so we are always happy to applaud an example of what we consider to be a brand taking the right approach to implementing a CRM program. If you start with...

Posted by jkeenan on 04/07

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