Jewel Welcomes Dominick’s Customers

On my way home from work yesterday I was welcomed to my apartment by a door hanger from Jewel Osco. I immediately recognized the brilliance of the localized marketing piece: the Dominick's grocery store down the street from my apartment recently closed shop and Jewel was taking advantage of the opportunity to step up to the plate, and they nailed it (almost.) The messaging was perfect. The piece created a tone of trust and loyalty by ensuring that Jewel "is here to stay!" and establishing the history of Jewel as a local Chicago business; customers who were abandoned by Dominick's could now turn to Jewel. The door hanger also included a call-to-action coupon to actually drive consumers into the store.

While overall the marketing campaign was well executed, I think the biggest failed opportunity was better leveraging digital technologies for a more flawless experience. The door hanger states, "We're on your block and in your corner," but as I read this I couldn't think of where the most convenient location for me would be. And this is terribly dangerous because I know where the closest Trader Joes is located… But there was an easy solution: Jewel could have integrated a QR code that uses the consumers location, pulls up a map with the closet Jewel locations and then offers directions and hours. This would have been a perfect use for a QR code!

Jewel might have failed to leverage digital technology in their printed piece, but they didn't forget about the digital channel. Jewel promoted social sharing and engagement by printing a twitter hash tag on the door hanger and used localized paid search to advertise their "Not Going Anywhere Campaign" with a link that directs you to a sign up page for marketing communications and a $5 coupon. Walgreens and Peapod also took the localized paid search approach in welcoming Dominick's customers to their business but without a customized landing page like Jewel created.

So while we disagree with Jewel for cutting its' loyalty program a few months ago, I applaud them for their aggressive marketing campaigns aimed to acquire new customers and their smart localized approach and hope they can continue to looks for ways to integrate online and offline marketing efforts.

Posted by Sarah Slattery on 01/09