Product Placement and New Challenges in a Changing World

After watching the latest James Bond blockbuster movie "Skyfall", I couldn’t help but think that while some things just don't change, the world is changing faster than ever. The opening scene of Agent 007 getting through obstacles to set the stage for the plot still remains. The tradition of brand integration throughout the movie and especially the chase scenes still remains. Whether it's a Caterpillar tractor squashing Volkswagon Beetle cars, speeding Land Rovers chasing Honda motorcycles, or sparkling Swarovski jewelry, new brands are noticeable in the movie while the classic Aston Martin cars are still strategically placed in the chase as well. Sponsorship and other deals for "Skyfall" have brought in $45 million, about a third of the cost to product the movie. The players may have shifted, however the tradition of product placement continues to be a critical part in the creation of the movie making process.

The movie highlights that as the world is changing faster than ever, it is forcing us to approach obstacles with a different approach and greater creativity. Marketing professor Timothy Calkins notes that "the traditional tools of advertising are fading and marketers are looking for new things to do. Product placement becomes one of those things that can engage people where other methods have no effect." This is where Anthem Marketing comes in - we must continue to challenge and approach our client needs with a creative edge. Whether it's an existing client or a potential new client, by glimpsing in our own 'backyard' first of our tools and analysis, and then approaching the challenges in the future with a creative and unique perspective, we can deliver through any challenges or obstacles.

Posted by Margaret Pak on 11/13