Innovative Ideas. Serious Potential.

Anthem has a wide range of proven resources to support the activities of the discriminating marketing organization, from data-driven strategic planning to an accomplished, professional team and unique marketing product solutions. Our skills and tools cover a wide spectrum of activities, from data analysis to execution strategies and everything in between.

But it’s not just about who we are and what we do – it’s about what you need. That’s the value convergence, where your business challenges are addressed with our diverse capabilities and marketing solutions.

Nice-to-Do vs. Need-to-Do

The challenges facing marketers today are intense: media and audience fragmentation, economic constraints, legal and regulatory drivers, demands for greater accountability, emergence of new mediums … the list goes on, turning issues that should be addressed, from “nice-to-do” concepts, into “need-to-do” imperatives. You need creative, economical solutions fast. This is where we add real value.

Our practice areas

  1. Explore: Marketing and Media Strategic Assessment and Planning
  2. Engage: Customer Development and Lead Acquisition Strategy
  3. Expand: Customer Relationship Management and Growth Strategies
  4. Evaluate: Data Strategy, Data Quality, Measurement/Metrics, and Analytics
  5. Edge: Our Product Solutions

At Anthem Marketing Solutions, our approach is straight-forward. Our ideas, tools and capabilities set us apart. We understand what’s required to best tend to each client, so we stage our approach based on your needs.

Take a closer look at each of our practice areas, or contact us directly for a more comprehensive review of what we do, and what we can do for you. It’s an evolving business world. At Anthem, we swiftly and economically address marketplace changes, and how they impact your “need-to-do” challenges.