In today’s increasingly complex and competitive business climate, why not seize every advantage possible? Statistics show most companies don't effectively utilize a vital marketing resource available to them – their own data.

Since 2004, Anthem has been providing solutions that help businesses gain strategic advantages by leveraging their customer and marketing performance data, and turning it into action with direct, measurable results. But its not just about cutting through data - our suite of tools has been developed by marketers, for marketers, to help our clients target and acquire the right customers, retain and engage them, and build long-term, profitable relationships across traditional and emerging media channels.

Our solutions support the decisions that most profoundly impact your marketing budgets and activities by:

  • Compressing time between initiation and deliverables
  • Aligning marketing and media efforts with customer expectations
  • Redirecting investments toward most profitable business and customer opportunities
  • Socializing insights and results

Drive more efficient and effective marketing strategies. Make the best possible use of your financial, technical and human resources. Get in touch with us today. We are Anthem Marketing Solutions: your competitive edge in a complex and ever-changing marketplace.

We offer an array of strategic, tactical and solution-implementation options through the Anthem Agency Partner Program. Benefits include:

  • Smart – We provide technical subject matter expertise on focused initiatives, including pitches and phased engagements
  • Fast – We offer turn-key “Bench Strength” when you need it most
  • Skilled – We deliver strategic planning, tactical deployment and project management capabilities, along with our proprietary Solutions
  • Educational – We can train/cross-train your associates, to ensure proper knowledge transfer
  • Confidential – We can either work transparently as a value-add vendor collaborating with your agency staff, or be white labeled onto your in-house team, depending on your needs
  • Economical – We offer Agency Discount pricing options on Solution implementations delivered through our Agency partners