Digital Landscape Glossaries

Keeping up with digital marketing concepts and technologies can be an overwhelming task for most marketers, as the landscape continually evolves and players shift. Numerous attempts have been made to make sense of display ad technology, social media, mobile marketing, and other major sectors of the broader digital ecosystem. But the most popular are a series of charts called LUMAscapes. We've taken these a step further and included a detailed description of each of the categories they define.

So what we've attempted to do with this series of documents is gather the best descriptions we could find rather than trying to develop wholly original material. We hope you find this as useful as we have inside our organization, in helping to educate our team and our clients, and to inform our activities in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Landscape

To provide a more cohesive view of the digital landscape, we have prepared a glossary series filled with a detailed description of each of the categories LUMAscapes defined, and defined linkages between the categories. Use the links below to download the glossaries.

  Digital Marketing Landscape: Social Media

  Digital Marketing Landscape: Mobile Marketing

  Digital Marketing Landscape: Content Marketing

  Digital Marketing Landscape: Search Marketing

  Digital Marketing Landscape: Display Marketing

  Digital Marketing Landscape: Marketing Tech

How to Use These Documents

  • As a general overview to provide top-line explanations and sharpen your general understanding of the digital marketplace
  • To build shared definitions of industry jargon and common terminology
  • As a reference guide for specific areas of need
  • To identify the major players in various facets of digital marketing at a point in time
  • To inform you of external agencies and service providers and related resources

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