Online vs. In-Store: Brick and Mortars Price-Match To Gain Competitive Edge

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Online vs. In-Store: Brick and Mortars Price-Match To Gain Competitive Edge

CHICAGO-April 10, 2013- Anthem Marketing Solutions has released the fifth installment of their bi-annual study comparing online and in-store pricing of consumer goods across a range of commonly purchased categories, and for the first time including an analysis of pre- and post-holiday trends. The results show that overall, the in-store channel holds a slight advantage with 55% of the observations favoring this channel. However, that advantage is not consistent across categories and price tiers.

Two key trends emerged from comparing results from the study with previous iterations. Among higher ticket items priced at $100 or greater, off-line retailers now appear to offer a price advantage over online; this is in direct contrast to observations drawn from earlier studies, in which this class of products had a clear price advantage online. The current study also shows that online retailers have a slight price advantage among items in the $50-$100 range. Earlier studies showed that this advantage was present among items priced $15-$45. These new findings align with announced strategies of many brick-and-mortar retailers to price-match against online retailers, in an effort to combat the "showrooming" phenomenon.

New trends in convenience and considered purchases also emerged in this iteration of the study, reversing previous trends. The new holiday price comparisons segment, likewise, adds a new perspective on channel and category trends which will further inform future studies.

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