Brought to you by Anthem Marketing Solutions, Buildabase™ is a customized prospect list generator designed to rapidly expand your database and bring new customers through the door.

You will come away with a foundation—a base—of prospective customers who have the category and brand affinities you want and need. From optimized list segmentation to a diversified range of selects, our unique model delivers quality records with scalable quantities that fit your budget.

Key Features

  • Quick turnaround – 2 to 3 days business days
  • Focuses on consumers with highest likelihood of brand affinity
  • Behaviorally and geographically targeted to your business needs
  • Supplements mass advertising and promotional initiatives
  • Available for continuous and unlimited use

How It Works

Buildabase™ creates lists that isolate those consumers with the highest brand affinity to drive the highest response rates in three easy steps:

        1. Rank prospect viability by behavior, category, or product affinity
        2. Segment by characteristics and lifestyle commonalities
        3. Select the best leads from the top of the list

The validated process used to create our customized lists opens many doors—even to businesses without a heritage in direct marketing. Diversify your media approach by adding our Buildabase™ solution to your marketing mix.

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