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Our proprietary, in-depth customer profiling segmentation system – InnerCircles™ – defines and clusters consumers based on similarities in behavior-driving characteristics including income, education, household type, racial and ethnic diversity, and degree of urbanity, enhanced by insights into local economic activity.

Developed utilizing a broader set of descriptive indicators than other high-profile segmentation systems, InnerCircles is comprised of 44 clusters that provide clear differentiation between consumer types, and maximize the likelihood of similar behaviors among members of each group.

Customer Intelligence in Action

InnerCircles allows you to model and score your database, target your most profitable customers, identify qualified prospects, and manage your marketing budget more effectively.

  • Profile Your Customers
    Develop smarter, more actionable marketing plans and improve ROI prospects
  • Improve Segmentation Strategies
    With advanced modeling techniques, target your best customers with superior differentiation between segments
  • Effectively Manage Marketing Budgets
    Optimize marketing budgets by knowing who your customers are, where they live, and what they buy
  • Identify New Customers and Reveal Niche Markets
    Reveal niches of potential customers in unlikely places, and even discover that some favorite targets maybe poor prospects
  • Generate Improved Response
    Use demographics and behavioral indicators to develop specific offers and messaging, meaningful to customers

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