Market Profiler™

Do you have a product or service selling well in one market, and want confirmation it will sell in surrounding areas before a marketing investment is made? Would you like to quickly and effectively benchmark your high-performing markets against others? These are two of the many strategic questions that can be addressed with our Anthem Market Profiler™ solution.

The Anthem Market Profiler descriptively and visually delineates the demographics, employment, and spending characteristics of inhabitants in a particular market. This detail is available for a defined area, such as zip code, or for a radius around a specific address, such as a retail store location. You may specify up to two similar areas for comparison, and can request that the results be indexed against a larger geography, such as counties compared to state data.

With the Anthem Market Profiler you can:

  • Discover demographic and consumer expenditure information about the residents within 1, 3 and 5 miles of each retail location.
  • Compare demographic and consumer expenditure information for a number of locations and benchmark them against those that perform best.

Know Your Markets

Anthem Market Profiler will help you better understand your consumers in the context of your distributed sales channels.

  • Finding out how similar or different consumers are to one another, within a 1, 3 or 5 mile radius, and visualizing where they live and how they travel, could make the difference in your marketing strategy. In some cases, what appears to be an obvious best choice for market expansion turns out to be the worst decision
  • Compare the demographic and characteristic information of consumers residing in a single zip code or varied zip codes, against a larger group, or an entire state, revealing where best potential consumers exist
  • Analyze retailers’ catchment areas
  • Design targeted marketing campaigns based on local demographic complexion, such as flyer insertion strategies, outdoor marketing placements, and direct mail
  • Create successful local prospecting strategies
  • Set realistic local marketing goals based on target density
  • Identify optimal site locations (new location planning) for new stores by benchmarking behaviors around current locations
  • Assess local market competitive context
  • Evaluate customer proximity to retail locations (Proximity Analysis)
  • Arm your location managers with local “consumer context”

Evaluate a single location, multiple locations in a single market, or thousands of locations across the U.S. There is no limit to the number of local markets we can profile for you with the Anthem Market Profiler.

Whether you represent one or one thousand retail establishments, restaurants, auto dealerships, or any other company that executes localized business planning and marketing, Anthem Market Profiler will supply you with the rich market-specific details you need to make intelligent, informed decisions.

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