Provide us with a specific reference market, or simply identify your most important market-matching characteristics, and the Anthem MarketMatch™ tool will find those in your area that provide the best match. For example, you may wish to identify similar cities in which to launch new product tests, or find the two ZIP codes in a market that match most closely on the household income and education level.

Matching is available at almost any potential geographic level, from block group, to ZIP code, or even state or region, so there is technically no “market” too small or too large for this solution to match.

Make the most informed decisions surrounding market selection, and at great speed (as quickly as same-day turnaround):

  • Discover the characteristics that are prevalent in your “best markets”
    Including household income, composition, race, age, education and a host of other variables
  • Identify and test new markets for marketing penetration
    The criteria used to determine which markets offer the best opportunities for success, mirror those that are common and current in your “best markets”

Anthem MarketMatch in Action

Anthem MarketMatch objectifies markets for a variety of strategic applications, including:

  1. Reduction or elimination of variability for planning or testing products, programs and creative, by removing the variables that could skew results
  2. Optimization of location planning by narrowing your search to comparable geographies
  3. Testing media by similar DMA, ADI, segment or region
  4. Identification of best comparative direct mail markets, by zip code or other criteria
  5. Analysis of competitive composition, and designing of regional strategies to address the competition

If you want fast, accurate market comps for business planning, marketing (product, creative and offer) testing, or other strategic purposes, you need Anthem MarketMatch.

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