Consumer Context™

Consumer Context™, an associated offering from Anthem Marketing Solutions, provides a full suite of consumer data products developed by marketers, for marketers. Our data products are organized and categorized in a manner that works for marketers, and are formatted for rapid delivery (typically within 24 hours).

We are not a data company. We are not a mapping company. We are not a list provider. Plenty of other firms offer those types of services. With Consumer Context, the data-driven strategists from Anthem have devised a one-stop platform for your marketing team to access the data product services that matter most to them.

The goal of Consumer Context is simple: to help marketers understand consumers in the context of their lives, such as where they work, how they play, how they think and interact in their environments. Through our extended catalog of data product solutions, we aim to help marketers recognize motivations for purchase behavior, make better strategic decisions, and more effectively manage their budgets through the use of consumer data.

Consumer Context delivers the data that matter most to marketers. Contact us today to learn more about our data products, as well as how we can help you "get more from your data" by melding our solutions with your marketing imperatives.

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Data Strategy, Data Quality, Measurement/Metrics, and Analytics

  • Marketing and Media Dashboard Services
  • Reporting Tools and Campaign Performance Analysis
  • Forecasting and Predictive Tools
  • Data Construct and Technology Roadmap Development
    This is how data is fed into your database. We understand the technology landscape, along with the costs and other implementation factors that will help you bridge the Marketing-IT gap.
  • Media Mix Analysis
    Integrating your online and offline data sources.
  • Custom Analytics and the Metrics That Matter