Customer Insight Engine

Customer Insight Engine, our customized marketing reporting solution, is designed to support businesses that have key customer data locked in operational systems. With an easy-to-use interface customized to your business needs, we help you reveal hidden data and create unique solutions to customer challenges.


  • Web-based access
  • Top-level management reporting with drilldown capability
  • Unlimited ad hoc query requests against analytic data sets
  • Standard list downloads
  • Customized management and dashboard report development
  • Rapid, low-cost implementation and maintenance
  • Quick-turnaround periodic refresh schedule
  • Stand-alone tool or bridge to enterprise reporting solution
  • Secure access from anywhere


  • Less than 90-day turnaround to initial release
  • Low-cost development and maintenance
  • Customized and flexible web-based interface
  • Structured and secure, to distribute relevant insights to the appropriate audience

    • User Level Query and Reporting access
  • Ease of adding new reports based on shifting business needs and priorities
  • File Sharing
  • User Communication Tools

    • Program News
    • Email Controls
  • Customizable add-ons for repetitive data handling and processing

When you’re ready to gain insight on your customers’ actions, we’re here to help.

Who is Customer Insight Engine for?

For any business with a high degree of customer velocity, whether consumer-facing or business-facing, our Customer Insight Engine solution delivers incredibly rich and actionable information with rapid turnaround time.

Sometimes, the best source of customer behavioral data can be locked in an external system:

  • Sales
  • Billing
  • Call Center

Customer Insight Engine is designed to unlock actionable marketing insight from indepth analysis of operational customer data.

Product Delivery:

  • Tiered online access to Dashboard, Management and User-level reporting
  • Unlimited requests to analytic datasets through the query interface; includes the ability to control result sets based on user-level accounts
  • Download or send formatted query results via email as PDF, MS Excel or Text file
  • Communicate with users through the management control panel
  • Post files to individuals or groups using the file-sharing module

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