Loyalty Assessor™

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Even the most successful programs, of any sort, can benefit from mid-stream tuning. Give your loyalty program a refresh to ensure you avoid consumer fatigue and remain relevant, starting with Anthem’s Loyalty Assessor™.

Our approach builds on a depth of experience in evaluating and refining in-market loyalty programs including performing structured analytics against historical transaction data, benchmarking against industry standards and best practices, and tactical deployment. These capabilities enable us to deliver an actionable roadmap to improvement.

Foundation of Loyalty
Evaluating and recommending enhancements to an in-market loyalty program poses a specific set of challenges. The most effective starting point is an immersion into a particular brand and its category, focusing on how they relate from a consumer perspective. We combine this with an exploration of intrinsic organizational knowledge and provide relevant context before turning our attention to the loyalty program under assessment.

Our Approach
We follow a structured evaluation template that incorporates four primary components:

Define Context

  • Category dynamics
  • Competitive review
  • Evaluate current program against standard framework
  • Identify primary objectives

Data Collection & Analysis

  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Profile program members
  • Correlate store and program performance (if retail)
  • Evaluate existing rewards catalog
  • Assess long-term member value

Program Assessment

  • Rewards structure
  • Member engagement
  • Communications
  • KPI’s/Success Criteria
  • Program ROI

Refinement Roadmap

  • Current performance vs. expectations & best practices
  • Reward structure realignment
  • Engagement approach
  • Improving ROI
  • Implementing Best practices

Simply providing an assessment of a loyalty program's current situation is not sufficient; the value of this methodology lies in critical interpretation of results and actionable recommendations for improvement/enhancement. Our suggested cutting-edge strategies will flow logically to tactical implementation, in keeping with the positioning of the brand and the objectives of the program. We will also suggest an approach for ongoing monitoring and real-time recalibration of key parameters.

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