Relationship Intensity Profiler™

Advances in technology and a proliferation of communications channels are driving many businesses to interact with customers at levels not previously anticipated. Often, organizations need to move quickly to ensure that their customer relationship efforts are properly aligned with consumer needs and expectations.

Our Relationship Intensity Profiler™ helps you understand how customers relate to your brands or products. The output "Profile" provides a detailed roadmap for appropriately aligning investments in technology, organization and process by answering four primary questions:

  1. Is there a reason for your customers to individually identify themselves?
  2. Does it make financial sense for your company to talk to customers directly?
  3. Does your company have anything to say to customers on an ongoing basis?
  4. Will they listen?

Your Relationship Intensity Profile is developed using objective assessments of customers’ perspectives, best practices and leading benchmarks.

How It Works

The brand-customer relationship hinges on how intensely your customer relates to a category or specific brand along certain key dimensions, whether on an ongoing basis, or simply at the point of purchase or usage. We have identified a number of primary drivers that define customer relationship intensity, including:

  • Complexity
  • Involvement
  • Purchase Frequency
  • Price
  • Usage Frequency
  • Badge Value

Once we have developed your broad category profile, we map out individual brands, key customer category segments and ancillary product sets.

Crucial insights are generated regarding the alignment of direct-to-consumer investment and customer expectations. A comparison to the category and industry best practices will help you identify gaps in direct strategies and practices.

Resulting Relationship Intensity Profile outputs are realignment plans for balancing your organizational approach as well as your investment in the customer. Specifically:

Infrastructure Realignment Plan
Organizational Structure, Technology Investment, Messaging Capabilities

Communications Realignment Plan
Level of customer intimacy, Level of investment in targeted acquisition, retention and customer development

We recommend leveraging your Relationship Intensity Profile in a pre-planning (and pre-investment) context, to justify or repudiate your identified investment or approach. The profile can help you:

  1. Build stronger relationships with consumers that make sense
  2. Understand the relationship your company (and brands) has with consumers, and how consumers perceive your brands in a category
  3. Compare the relationship between your company (and brands) and competitors, as well as against the category in general
  4. Evaluate categories for leaders … or laggards

With our Relationship Intensity Profiler, we’ll show you how your company and brands are perceived by consumers, plus how you stack up against the competition.

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