Sales Alpha™

Sales AlphaTM: Optimize Your B2B CRM System

Sales AlphaTM is an in-depth companion to and other CRM platforms that will increase the impact of your B2B sales and marketing efforts. This Anthem Marketing solution will enhance your existing CRM program using a multi-step approach that leverages data you are currently capturing to deliver custom plans and insights, allowing you to:

  1. Configure your CRM system to reflect your sales process
  2. Benchmark current sales and marketing efforts against objectives
  3. Analyze and segment customers and prospects
  4. Build custom management reports and dashboards

Better integrate marketing and sales efforts

  • Link marketing campaigns with sales goals
  • Utilize webinars and social media to generate leads
  • Leverage marketing campaigns to reduce sales cycles

Reach the right people

  • Target high value prospects and clients
  • Develop relationship plans to achieve sales goals
  • Translate plans into monthly activity levels – and measure results

Improve and automate management reporting

  • Create customized sales, pipeline, and relationship reports
  • Generate recurring reports without endless cutting and pasting
  • Turn disparate data into actionable insights

Get the most out of your sales team and CRM system

  • Save time and effort
  • Get feedback and insights, fast
  • Receive fully customized CRM reports
  • Generate accurate reports reflecting refreshed data at your fingertips

Sales AlphaTM enhances your CRM system to maximize your organization's sales effectiveness. It's fast, specialized and efficient.

Sales AlphaTM can help your business improve B2B sales efficiency. For a free demo, email Anthem Marketing Solutions or call us at 312.441.0382