TouchPoint Audit™

Our unique TouchPoint Audit™ solution puts a wealth of detailed and invaluable information at your fingertips. Starting with a comprehensive inventory of every potential customer contact with your brand, the TouchPoint Audit helps diagnose positioning and communication issues, suggests opportunities to better manage key business drivers, and defines an approach to closing any gaps between your brand’s activities and consumer expectations. The output will facilitate a veritable “tightening of your marketing screws.”

Our efficient TouchPoint Audit approach provides three distinct outputs:

  1. Customer Interaction Path
    A visual depiction of the multiple brand interactions that may occur at various points on the consumer lifecycle
  2. TouchPoint Inventory
    A comprehensive listing of all potential points of contact a prospect or customer may have with your brand, along with a deep-dive assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the brand’s role in each interaction, using our proprietary parameter assignment methodology
  3. Process Improvement Blueprint
    A plan for addressing problems, closing gaps and exploiting opportunities to drive profitability

Through the TouchPoint Audit process, we reconstruct your brand’s customer interaction path, and define the parameters and objectives associated with each customer touch. Next, we assess this data against an “ideal world” set of parameters and industry best practices.  Then we diagnose problems and identify gaps and opportunities in how your brand goes out to meet the customer.

Abundant Benefits

With our TouchPoint Audit solution, we can help you:

  • Create a comprehensive, integrated brand communication strategy
  • Analyze touches across your entire customer lifecycle
  • Identify gaps relative to consumer perceptions of your brands
  • Provide consistency across all touches, and eliminate misaligned or contradictory brand contacts
  • Provide “consumer context” for more effective messaging at all controlled touches
  • Meet (or exceed) customer expectations from your brands
  • Identify opportunities to differentiate from your competitors via the lifecycle
  • Focus on “owning” various aspects of the category (“right” partners, channels, technology)

With the proliferation of user-generated content online, new and emerging communication channels and technologies, licensing and franchising and regionalizing and globalization of business efforts — plus “free speech” (word-of-mouth) — marketers cannot maintain control of all brand contacts. They can, however, influence the process. To do so, marketers must intimately understand it. At Anthem, we can help you get there.

If you’re a multi-channel marketer seeking to define and contextualize myriad connections between your brands and consumers, our TouchPoint Audit approach is the answer.

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