Transaction Insight Engine™

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Turn data into decisions. Drive better outcomes. Get there fast.

Transaction Insight Engine™ (TIE) is a Web-based predictive analytics tool designed to quickly analyze and interpret customer transaction activity, improving decision making and delivering targeted results for your business and your customers. Within seven days, you can implement decisions to take action on your customers' behaviors impacting your bottom line.

There is no need to build out an entire internal data analysis department or spend big on technology investments. TIE lets you focus without getting lost in reams of data analysis.


  1. Value Focus: Identifies targeted marketing spend
  2. Intuitive: Segmentation system designed with your customers behaviors
  3. On Demand: Access to the Web interface anytime, anywhere
  4. Cost Effective: Pricing based on usage and dataset size

Go Beyond Traditional RFM Approaches

  • Shifts planning from campaign focus to a customer focus and on-going customer portfolio valuation
  • Better allocation of customer marketing spend
  • Optional module dives deeper into product category and promotional response

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